««««tHE wORLD iS eNDING!««««««« «Tom's NT Station» »»»»»»»tHE wORLD iS bEGINNING?»»»»

Hi. This is my NT box. I hope you like it. It's what I dink with when I'm between 'things to do'. The page you're on now (default.htm) is just a little intro and stupid comintary (Please excuse bad spelling). The real stuff is through this portal. TO ENTER THE WORLD OF «TOMS NT BOX», click here:

we're all connected

Here you are:
I'm so pleased you pointed your browser at my computer today. :) Especially since it's only accessable from within the Zebra Intranet. So... Don't you wish YOU had an HTTP server on your computer? Hmmmm? come on... admit it. you're jelous. (How do you spell that?)
What is this?
"Why?" you ask? Simple. Ever seen our XI3? That keen QA graphic has to be stored somewhere. And the gateway is set to redirect mode now so it wouldn't work anymore. Minor change of local... And because I wanted to learn more about the wonderful world of HTTP. So I took 10 minutes to set this thing up and another few to put a couple files on it... That's it.. Here I am.
Who are you?
Are you slow? I'm Tom! I'm the read headed geek... That's me... |cough| yeah.welcome...

P.S. All machines run VNC (Remote GUI), TelSrv (Telnet in and try it) and the GW runs the Fictional Daemon.
(It's all free.)